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  • R. Casey Daganhardt

    R. Casey Daganhardt comes to Ridenour & Ridenour with over 30 years of experience practicing law and in both Tennessee and Ohio. Casey began his career with the Montgomery County, Ohio’s Prosecutor’s Office and served there for over 10 years where he prosecuted more than 180 criminal cases each year, including homicides and other serious felonies.
    He successfully tried the largest drug case in Montgomery County history, seizing over 26 kilos of cocaine. After he left the Prosecutor’s office, Casey became a co-owner of his own firm, but was asked to return to the Prosecutor’s Office to serve as a Special Prosecutor for two separate high profile felony cases. Ridenour & Ridenour is thrilled to welcome Casey to our firm. His skills and experience will be a great asset to our clients and community.