Our law firm has 100 years of experience fighting for the rights of injured Tennessee residents. Our court-room savvy attorneys have the knowledge and resources to negotiate with major insurance companies and their defense attorneys. In this world, you need more than just any attorney. Our lawyers will not back down when settlement negotiations fail to get the results you need, especially with the serious injuries and expenses that come with a semi-truck accident. Our attorneys prepare every case for trial, and our reputation reflects that.

In 2010 nearly 22,000 truck accidents caused injuries and 340 deaths. The number of people injured and killed in truck accidents is more than the population of Clinton. And, as any attorney worth his law degree will tell you, standing up to trucking companies is not a simple task. They have experienced defense attorneys on their side and their insurance carriers pay top dollar to their lawyers to ensure they pay as little as possible to people injured in accidents with their trucks.