Veterans Affairs Aid and Assistance Benefits



Many veterans, and their families, are unaware of certain benefits available to them through the VA that can be used to substantially aid the daily living needs of qualified veterans, and their survivors. One of these benefits is called VA Aid & Attendance. Veterans and survivors who are eligible for a VA pension and require the aid and attendance of another person, or are housebound, may be eligible for additional monetary payments. This benefit is available for war time veterans (or spouses) who are now having a difficult time with their health and require assistance for daily living needs. Any veteran who served 90 days or more in active duty, with at least one day in wartime, and who was honorably discharged from the military may be eligible. Surviving widows or widowers of qualified veterans may also be eligible. Eligibility is also dependent on out of pocket medical expenses including medications, insurance premiums and assisted living fees which are deducted from monthly income. If applicable expenses exceed the qualified income, the veteran is eligible. Additionally, a doctor must certify that the applicant’s health requires him or her to receive necessary aid and care from others.

Please be aware that filing a claim for the Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit may require complex qualification actions, including possible estate planning and/or asset reallocation measures that may have an impact on other benefits such as Medicaid or TennCare eligibility. Application requirements may include evidence of prospective, and recurring, medical expenses, veteran identification documents, and current income information. Contact your local regional VA office for supplementary assistance in understanding these benefits or contact an accredited VA attorney for more information.

Michael M. Stahl

Michael M. Stahl

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