Being accused of committing a crime is frightening. You feel isolated, alone, and terrified. If the person arrested is a loved one, business colleague, or especially, your child, your emotions are even stronger than if you were facing criminal prosecution yourself. When you are accused of committing a criminal offense, your world turns into a dark and hostile place. The government you thought would protect you and your family are suddenly out to punish you. Knowing the government is trying to take away your freedom, destroy your family, and wreck your life is heavily stressful, time consuming, and overwhelming. This is one of the most critical moments in your life. Your future and the success of your case significantly rely on the attorney you choose to defend your rights.


The attorneys at Ridenour & Ridenour handle all criminal accusations and criminal investigations throughout the State and Federal Courts of East Tennessee. We provide unmatched experience with multi-faceted understanding of the criminal justice system. We have served as prosecutors and are expertly familiar with prosecutorial objectives and procedures. We have effective strategies for applying the law to our clients’ advantage so that your side of the story comes through to judges, prosecutors, and members of the jury.

Our criminal defense lawyers will represent you in all types of criminal law cases, including:


  •   DUI and Under the influence
  •   Drug charges, Drug possessions and Gun possessions
  •   Domestic violence
  •  Rape and Sexual Crimes
  • Embezzlement
  • Vehicle and Property seizures
  •  Shoplifting, Theft and Robbery
  • Juvenile Delinquency and Unruly offenses
  •  License Suspensions and Vehicle and Traffic violations
  • Expungement


As part of our commitment to give you personalized professional support our lawyers and criminal investigator will:


  • Keep you fully informed and guide you through the process
  • Fully investigate your case
  • Talk to all parties involved, including police
  • Subpoena witnesses to testify on your behalf
  •  Negotiate a fair deal


Contact our law office today to set up your free case evaluation. We are here to serve you and help you through your difficult time. Experience matters.